School Discipline : Part Two

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School Discipline : Part Two


After the events of School Discipline Part One, Keisha Grey finds herself lying on the women’s room floor, fucked hard and then tossed aside by the school’s resident badgirls. When Principal Ariella Ferrera finds her there, though, she isn’t interested in excuses! The two busty babes take the conversation back to Ariella’s office, and Dean Ferrera lets Keisha know that she isn’t buying the slutty student’s excuses for one minute! Ariella knows a horny slut when she sees one, so she tears the uniform right off of Keisha, giving her juicy ass a little spanking until they’re both dripping wet. Ariella eats out Keisha’s tight little pussy, Keisha sucks and fondles Ariella’s big tits, and then it’s time for Dean Ferrera to bust out her favorite disciplinary tool: her big-ass strap-on! It’s a tough job keeping all these slutty schoolgirls in line, but someone’s got to do it.

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