MILFriendly Neighborhood

MILFriendly Neighborhood

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Alexis and Briana have just moved into a new neighborhood, and are absolutely exhausted from unpacking. Alexis figures they can take a bit of a break and even starts to get a little frisky with Briana. When Matt peeks in the window to catch a bit of their afternoon delight, he can’t help but be a little more motivated to bring over the flowers he got to welcome them to the ‘hood. Alexis and Briana are a bit reluctant to answer the door, but are happy to once they see what Matt is packing. Briana just can’t resist getting a little taste of dick for old time’s sake, before she convinces Alexis to partake. Matt has no problem being their plaything, one of the perks of living in a MILFriendly neighborhood!

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